Cog + Wheel Quilt – Part Two

Read here for Part One.

It was just in the nick of time (we set an arbitrary deadline of Saturday, June 12) but I finished Lloyd’s quilt and slapped it on his freshly assembled Big Boy Bed in time for the inauguration!

This is my version of the Denyse Schmidt Cog + Wheel Quilt.

I had a bit of a hard time getting my blocks to lay flat, due solely to my imperfect curved piecing.  However, I starched the heck out of each block and that helped considerably.

Then I did something a little crafty… I was so worried about basting this blanket because it was a little warped and wonky – so what I did was baste just the top to some batting, and did half of the quilting without the backing attached.  Then I attached the back and quilted the rest of it and everything worked out great!  I’m not sure how much it helped to do half of the quilting without the back, but in my head it saved me from worrying about bunching the backing and allowed me to just worry about the top.

The backing was made out of Castle Peeps (which I got from Pink Castle Fabrics).

The pattern called for a more sophisticated concentric circle quilting pattern, but I like my design.

For one, it was a lot easier to do on my machine with my free-motion foot.  For another, it looks a little more scribbly, which is nice for a kid’s quilt.

Lloyd loves his big boy bed and transitioned to it perfectly.  Slept the whole night through without a peep!  For safety we got this inflatable bumper you slide under the fitted sheet – works like a charm!  He can’t get out, which is just the way we want it ; )

Thanks for looking!


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3 responses to “Cog + Wheel Quilt – Part Two

  1. Lloyd’s quilt looks great! Thanks for the pic of the inflatable bumper too – I just couldn’t visualize what you meant at the meeting the other night.

    My older daughter went thru a phase where she climbed out of her crib so we drilled it into her that this wasn’t allowed. It took quite a while after she got her big girl bed for her to realize she could get out of it by herself and not get in trouble 🙂 A little lack of communication (which worked to my advantage)!

  2. I’m so admiring this quilt. Beautiful!

  3. Natalie

    This looks just beautiful! I absolutely love the colors, and you did a great job with the pattern and the quilting! It’s perfect for the big boy bed 🙂

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