Wedding Quilt – Part One

I’m collaborating with a friend on a HUGE quilt for our dear pals who are getting married this summer.

Yesterday I finished assembling the top:

This thing is a monster!   In the picture above it is laid out on my King Size bed.    (BTW – like my pink walls? That was a painting mistake we made 3 years ago and are hoping to remedy this weekend.)

We were inspired by THIS QUILT from

We asked all of our friends who sew to donate a green or blue fabric scrap for us to incorporate.  Then we went to work assembling linear, modern, scrappy blocks.  It’s 5 x 7 blocks that were cut to 12 inches (so 11.5 inches squared after assembly).   A monster!  But isn’t it fun?

Now for the punchline – I’m going to attempt machine quilting this mo-fo by myself.  I’ve never machine quilted anything larger than a table runner, but I BELIEVE!!  Wish me luck and stay tuned…

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