Baby Kylie’s Tummy Time Party Mat

I just finished this blanket I have been working on for months upon months!  It’s for my brand-new niece Kylie, who was born on June 23.

Why did this simple fleece blanket take me so long?

For one, I cut the fabrics out like an idiot – hacking away and assuming I’d have enough to make 12inch blocks.  I didn’t.  So this became the incredible shrinking quilt where the blocks are, I’m not sure, something like 9.5 inches squared all said and done.

It’s a super fun guitar and boom box flannel pattern.  I learned a lot about quilting with this fabric.  I learned that you must must must pre-wash it because it super shrinks (good think I learned that before I started this baby).  I learned that it doesn’t care for a steam ironing, in that strips and squares will soon become ambiguous amoeba shapes.    (I really should work on pressing rather than ironing my quilt pieces regardless of fabric choice).

I used a super light-weight denim for the back, and I love it!  It’s soft and flexible, and has a tiny bit of a sheen to it.

I quilted free-motion stars with a silver metallic thread, and bordered the sashing with a pink metallic.   Using these threads, I learned the importance of buying a proper metallic needle and using a bit of Sewer’s Aid on the spool.

I’m also so happy to report that I am finally using the proper tools!  I used a free-motion foot that my mom found in storage, and a walking foot that a friend leant me.  Let’s hope she doesn’t want it back anytime soon because I am definitely a walking-foot-believer now!

AND joy of joys my sewing pedal finally arrived!  After having not shown up for 15 days, I decided to track the order… only to find that FedEx didn’t have that tracking number on record… because my order had never been fully submitted by the sewing supply company I used.  WHOMP WHOMP.   Well they finally shipped it out, and I’m enjoying sewing freely without concern that a small electrical fire might combust at any moment.

I used pre-bought double binding for this blanket, but never again.  Time to be a big girl and learn how to make my own.

I do love my little embroidered patches, however : )   Yay for me being an aunt, and I hope my little niece spends lots of hours throwing awesome tummy-time parties on her new little mat (to be delivered at the end of this month when I meet my little squirt!).


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2 responses to “Baby Kylie’s Tummy Time Party Mat

  1. Rhonda Bertrand

    I have been looking for that fabric, the boombox, guitar, star fabric. Can you tell me the true name of it. Would you happen to have any left that you are selling?

    • I’m so sorry, Rhona! I don’t have any of this fabric left and I don’t remember the name. I know I got it at JoAnn’s in early summer 2010. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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