Advent Calendar

Because I am a silly head, I decided that this year was THE year I needed to make an advent calendar.  So I set aside the major projects I have to complete for Christmas gifts and settled into making this guy:

It’s not the best picture, but here’s another couple of looks:

Each of the numbers are hand appliqued onto a pocket.  I used a high quality felt so that I didn’t have to use any interfacing or machine stitching for the applique, and I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying.  I also attached gold rick-rack weighted with gold beads to each pocket to use as a marker to check-off the days ’till Christmas. Someday I’ll fill the pockets with treats and maybe even nice notes directing the the recipient to perform a task in the spirit of the season, but my son’s a bit young for that now.  It’s quilted with gold thread and the back has pockets to hold a dowel so that the calendar is able to hang.

The pocket design, number templates, and the idea for the dowel-holding pockets on the back came from this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.   At first I had tried to make simple rectangles that I would sew directly onto the backing (like this other adorable advent calendar) but it was a disaster.  My “squares” were amorphous blobs with no sharp corners or parallel lines.

Anyway, I have to admit I’m really proud of this project!  Once again I rolled the backing fabric over to the front for the binding – my new favorite trick!  This meant that I had to applique my triangular dowel holders onto the back, rather than have them sewn inside the binding.  Definitely worth it, as I currently hate bias tape.

Now back to my gifts!

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