Paper Piecing Makes Me Sad

Boo hoo!  My storm at sea pillowcases are back to square one.  Back to the drawing board!   Hopefully these instructions will get me better results.

Continue reading for a whiny explanation of what went wrong…

Although I learned how to paper piece successfully, I also learned that this technique is exhausting.   Because I wasn’t able to understand other paper piecers’ ability to see through paper and fabric layers, I had to develop my own method that involved drawing on my sewing lines for each seam.  Also, although everyone says that using computer paper is just as good as using fancy paper-piecing paper, let me be the first to tell you that it is a complete b*tch to rip off.

Anyway it ended up all being for naught because of a printing error.  Each block requires a printed piece of paper.  That meant a lot of printing!  I printed about 1/3 of the patterns off at home, and the other 2/3 at my husband’s office.  Somewhere in the computing world, the pattern piece shrunk 1/4 of an inch and thus all of the blocks I made using the work-printer patterns were too small.  As I had used all of my fabric making these blocks, this project is officially FUBAR.

I’m the most sad about all of the time I wasted, and the second most sad about the wonderful fabric (I had it in Gray and Black) that went to waste.  I’m hoping I can use some of the scraps to make some ornaments or something.  Boo hoo!

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