Bloggers Pillow Party: January

Here are three of my five Valentine’s Day Pillows:

I’m sorry these pictures look a little funky. You can zoom-in by clicking on the images.  I’m trying to take better photos of my work, but it’s just not happening what with my incredibly dark den of a house, limited opportunities as I’m on toddler-time, and the general ineptitude of myself and my camera.

These pillows show a patchworked strip of red scraps attached to a faux-linen front and faux-tweed envelop enclosures for the pillow-backs.  The faux-tweed was purchased 100 years ago at a store-closing blow-out sale.  The faux-linen was an interesting adventure.  I went to Jo-Ann’s intending to buy real linen, only to find it priced at approx. $12 a yard.  Then I went over to the burlaps and found these homespun unbleached cottons hiding on the bottom shelf.  They looked incredibly similar to the linens, only they cost $3.50 a yard!  So that was an easy shopping decision, especially considering I want to make about 50 pillow covers for my house :  )  My mom says the unbleached cotton will also be easier to care for than linen would have been, so there’s another little victory.

Although they are rather simple, I cannot help but go ahead and enter them in the Bloggers Pillow Party over at Stitched in Color. There are many wonderful pillows being showcased over there, my favorite being this one. Flickr Pool is over here. Check ’em out!


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2 responses to “Bloggers Pillow Party: January

  1. Ooh, unbleached homespun cotton. Note to self!

  2. Thanks so much for that amazing compliment on my pillow! Your pillows are gorgeous – all those deep reds look so rich together against the white.

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