Tailored Shirts

It’s been a long time.  That’s sad.  I’ve actually quilted a whole quilt since my last post, but I am not going to show it off until after the Project Modern 4 deadline because I’m a weirdo.  But after the deadline I will show-off my creation as well as a full Process Pledge friendly run-down about how it was made.

For now I just have this one little project to show.  I followed this excellent tutorial and tailored a men’s size large button-down shirt to make a fitted shirt for myself.  I really like the look of these fall flannel-patterned shirts, but the women’s versions are never long enough for my abnormal torso.

One note: this tutorial has darts in the front for the bust.  Since this shirt had two pockets that would have interfered with those darts (and I do not have a large bust), I decided to do darts in the back.  I did two vertical darts, from roughly the bottom of my shoulder blades, curving into the small of my back, down to a couple of inches above the bottom hem.



I have another shirt to adjust and I also want to show you guys a dress I transformed into a skirt.  So look forward to those sometime.  Other than that, it will pretty much be Halloween Costume Headquarters here until the end of October.  Do you guys make your own costumes?  It is my favorite thing!

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  1. Your shirt looks great!

    I made a lot of Halloween costumes when my girls were younger. We had fun going to JoAnn, looking at patterns and fabrics and discussing what was reasonable for Mommy to accomplish and what was not 🙂

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