New Toy!

For Christmas I got the coolest present from my mom…

Can you see it?  It’s transparent!  It’s an adjustable sewing table that fits to my machine!

I’m finishing up my quilt-top for the Tangerine Tango challenge, and was finally motivated to get this puppy out of the box and on to my machine. It’s so awesome.  And what’s so great about this table is that it’s adjustable in like 400 different ways so you can easily make changes so it will fit any sewing machine.  It’s so nice to have the added support by having this extended table.  Also, it actually makes sewing a more quiet experience – you slide off the junk drawer from the bottom of machine so that you can attach this extending table.  By doing that you no longer have to hear all of your bobbins and machine-feet rattling around when you sew!  Added bonus.

If you want one, my mom got mine from HERE.

Anyway this isn’t a sponsored post, just an honest-to-goodness recommendation/bragging post.  But thanks for thinking I’m fancy enough to have sponsors!

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  1. Ooh! That looks like a really nice big one. Can’t wait to see the Tangerine Tango quilt 🙂

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