Holy Holy Holy!

So I’m making priestly garments now… (spit take cue for anyone who knows me).

My brother-in-law’s dad is a priest.  He asked me if I would make for him a flashy stole.

Here’s what he wrote:

Clergy stoles are colorful fabric yokes, worn in worship over robes, hanging around the neck of pastors. The colors usually match the color of the liturgical season. They signify a “yoke” of service … like a draft animal might wear while plowing or pulling.

Here’s a super secret Jenna, the most expressive ( and stylish) pastors often use them as an expression of God’s great creativity and joy. These are often wearable “works of art”.

Certain colors of stoles are special for certain seasons…

1. Red – (Special Celebrations/ Festival & Feast Days)
2. Purple – (Lent / Repentance)
3. White – (Easter / Christmas)
4. Green (Pentecost / Growth)

So I made Pastor Reggie a purple one for lent.  I really love this project.  What a fun creative outlet! And after doing some research I’ve seen that hand-made stoles are really really expensive!  Maybe this is a future business opportunity?

The Power of Christ Compels You!

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  1. It’s beautiful, Jenna! It does sound like a good business opportunity.

    Not sure how the marketing would work – do you think they have a PriestCon where you could set up a booth? 🙂

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