Sweatin’ the Swoon

Remember back when I declared it Swoon-vember?  Well now, 4 months later, I’m finally buckling down on my very own Swoon quilt.   Many other people have been rockin’ the Swoon – check out the ~900 members in the flickr Swoon-a-long group!

This is quilt is important because it’s actually going to STAY in this house and be used every day on my very own couch.  That’s right – this one’s for ME.  And believe me, blankets matter in this 100 year old house that is insulated with what I can only assume are balled-up napkins.

I’m making my blocks using just two colors (in a variety of fabrics) and an ivory background: raspberry reds and toasty tans.

My color combinations (and adorable husband)

So I cut all of the pieces out in one or two power sessions – and set the plan to do this in as few super intense chain-piecing sessions as possible.  This requires crazy organization – check out my shoebox o’ HSTs and a file folder with colors divided in sheet protectors.

But WOMP WOMP I cut everything before I discovered the Swoon community (was it even there back in November?) and their wise advice posted in the forums. As a result I DID cut those pesky squares for my HSTs at 3 7/8inches instead of 4inches… and now it’s time to square-up my HST blocks and the outlook was GRIM.

I stopped chain-piecing long enough to focus on one block and see if this was possible.

The result is… good, not great.


I think it’s definitely worth pushing forward.  Once it’s quilted, I bet these little off-points will be even more unnoticeable.

Pulling out the starch and my prayer-rug.  Wish me luck wrestling my Swoon!  There’s no going back after having cut-up this much fabric…

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  1. Love your color scheme and it’s definitely not worth recutting!

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