Quilt Hangers For Sale!

Check it out!

From my dream to reality.  Thanks to the awesome engineering and woodworking skills of my dad at the Woodlands Sawmill, there now exists a sturdy, wooden hanger able to support the weight of a quilt.

Not only are these hangers going to be wonderful for storing quilts in my home, they’re also going to be perfect for selling quilts at a craft fair.   Picture a bunch of quilts hanging on their individual hangers, lined up on a clothing bar.   No more digging through stacks!

If you’re interested, you can purchase these bad boys in my Etsy shop.

Thanks, Dad!


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2 responses to “Quilt Hangers For Sale!

  1. These hangers are totally AWESOME May have to approach my woodworking brother about making me some. 🙂

  2. Leslie A Davis-McHone

    Do you currently have the large wooden quilt hangers? I haven’t seen anything that I feel would work but these.

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