Positive Space QAL – Column Cs

Okey doke – It’s Column C time.  This is no big deal – we only need two of these!

The pattern will give you the measurements needed for the strips you’ll have to sew together to make you rectangles, from which you’ll slice your 3.5″ x 8″ units.   It’s the same method you’ve used for Column B and the Horizontal Bar units from Column A – Make a big rectangle from sewing together some strips, and then slice that rectangle into your pieces!

Once you have your “Outside Bar Units” – you’ll sew a bunch of them together to make your two Column Cs.   You can so this super quickly by chain-sewing.  Let me show you:

Sewing together some Outside Bar Units.

After sewing the background fabric to the other piece’s plus fabric, slide the plus fabric end toward you right-side-up.

Put your next Outside Bar Unit on top of the previous piece. Right sides together! Background fabric end touching Plus fabric end.

You could use a pin, but you don’t have to! Just pinch the pieces in place and slide them under your presser foot. Whhrrrrr. You don’t have to ever stop sewing to clip threads!

When you’ve sewn all of your Column C Pieces together, you’ll have a funny little bunting to slide out from your machine!

Snip the threads all in one go, press, make sure you add your little end caps, and you’ll have a Column C unit in no time!  Make two of ’em and you’re set.

Please post pictures to the flickr group – or link to your blog in the comments – so I can OOO and AHHH over your beautiful projects!
All the best!

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