Positive Space QAL – Finishing the Top!

Choo Choo!  All Aboard!  It’s Finishing the Quilt Top Time! (When I’m excited I capitalize words randomly, like a German!).

The pattern will give you the measurements needed for your border pieces.  But before we attach our border – we first must join our Columns!

Just a sampling of our lovely column pieces!

I know that these Columns are rather long, but don’t be intimidated.  You can easily join these together to create a fabulous quilt-top!

My preference is to join all of the Column B units to the side of each of the Column A units.  When you’re doing this, remember that the center of the little square in the Column B pieces should line up with the center of the big square in the Column As.   If you’re confident in your abilities – you won’t even have to pin these pieces together!  However, if your confidence is delusional – go ahead and pin.

If you’re NOT pinning, I find it easiest to have the bottom layer of the pieces I’m sewing together curled up in my lap (gravity is your enemy!), and the top layer slung over my shoulder.  Go slow.

Once you’ve joined your Column Bs to your As, it’s time to join these A-B units to the other A-B units.

When joining an A-B unit to another A-B unit, the goal is that the horizontal bar units will line-up. Keep an eye on things while you’re pinning or sewing that everything keeps lined-up.

Soon you’ll have a big slab of A-B-A-B-A-B etc!  All that will be left is sewing your last B piece to the remaining A side, and then book-ending the top with your Column Cs.

Wait – and then all that will REALLY be left is adding your border : )

It’s my preference to just start joining my border strips to the quilt-top, one side at a time.  I stop when I’m approaching the end of a strip – sew more border strip to the piece – then continue bordering my quilt.

I border the opposite sides of the quilt first, then press those seams and do the last two remaining sides (like a giant Court House Step block!).

Isn’t is beautiful?  Good work, you!

Please post pictures to the flickr group – or link to your blog in the comments – so I can OOO and AHHH over your beautiful projects!
All the best!

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