Lessons in Modern Art for Modern Quilters – Introduction

What do we mean when we say we are “Modern” quilters?   Do we mean simply we are quilters who are making art that speaks to the “now”?  That we’re of-the-moment, or trendy?  Or are we identifying ourselves with the world of Modern Art?  What is “Modern Art?”


In my series “Lessons in Modern Art for Modern Quilters” I want to look at the history of this historical artistic movement, and relate the paintings (and sculptures) created during this time to our quilting community’s aesthetic.

I am not an art historian, and I am not an academic.  However, I felt a need to better understand Modern Art and am using this blog as a place where I can store my notes and analyze how “Modern Quilting” relates to Modernism as a whole.

My planned outline (subject to change) is to cover Impressionism (1870s) through Hard-Edge Painting (1960s) and the relevant styles that lie between.   I hope you enjoy this series as I have had immense pleasure looking to the past and being inspired by our Modernist predecessors!

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