Lynn’s Atomic Pinwheels


When Lynn showed us her quilts made from her newly released pattern, Atomic Pinwheels, I knew I’d like to try this design myself!  So I volunteered to be one of the pattern testers and gave it a whirl.


This design features a really cool piecing method where you do partial seams and really build the entire quilt top quite fast!


And as for the curved piecing – I can always use the practice.  The inner quarter circle pieces were quick and easy to piece into the arches.  Getting the arch units to go into the larger rectangles took a lot of pins and patience for me, as I’m still learning.

When it came time to quilt I wanted to pick a design that highlighted the movement of the pinwheels and the details of the circles within the blue patterned fabric.

Thanks, Lynn, for giving me the chance to try out this excellent pattern!


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3 responses to “Lynn’s Atomic Pinwheels

  1. I love your version, Jenna. Thanks for testing it for me!

  2. Great job – I’m still scared on piecing curves! The quilting nicely reflects the design 🙂

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