Jorna – a tank/jumper/dress pattern

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my first ever garment pattern THE JORNA (that’s a hard “J” folks).

button3Without further ado, you can buy the pattern through Craftsy and Etsy!  It costs $9, includes sizes XS-XL, three different lengths (tank, jumper, and dress), and full color instructions.  Both stores are set-up with automatic downloads upon purchase.

Can I take a sec to tell you about Jorna?  The focus on the design was to combine comfort and a flattering silhouette.   All three of the lengths offer the same benefit of a semi-fitted bodice, and a relaxed flare below the waist.  The tank is long enough to fully cover your trunk.  No worries about pulling down your top to cover up stomach skin!  The flare sits on the hips loosely, accentuating the waist and smoothing over any hip-area lumps and bumps.


This pattern is just four pieces.  A front, a back, and a front and back lining piece.  All-in-one lining provides beautifully finished neck and armhole edges without any binding or bias tape!  No zippers, no darts.  Let the knit fabric of your choice do the work accentuating your bodice with relaxed, but form-fitting style.


Running in sizes XS-XL, this will fit a wide variety of womanly shapes and will work for grown-up gals of any age!  Wear the jumper length as a swim-suit cover!  Find some flashy poly-rayon and make the perfect dress for that summer wedding!  The tank paired with jeans is a fabulously comfortable go-to outfit.


Are you afraid of sewing knits? DON’T BE!  You can do this pattern – with just four pieces and no tricky binding, this is a fine first-timer project.  Get yourself a stretch-needle and get sewing!

dorie2If you make one, won’t you please tag it #JornaPattern if you Instagram, or add it to this group if you flickr?


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9 responses to “Jorna – a tank/jumper/dress pattern

  1. It looks totally amazing, Jenna! Congrats!

  2. Ann

    Cute! Looks like you had a fun Jorna party day.

  3. Karla

    I hope my daughter loves this dress, because I could really clear out some of the knit stash in a hurry. BTW – in case anyone is afraid of download patterns – the pattern printed out flawlessly, taping took 30 minutes (no problem with a TV and a glass of wine handy), and when I took a few flat-pattern measurements, I felt assured that the sizing (negative ease) looked just right. The tips for adjusting the pattern for talls, petites and the well-endowed were simple. I think you have a winner here, Jenna.

  4. The Jorna looks fantastic! I just read about it on Made with Moxie’s blog.
    I have a question about the measurements though, I realize it states XS-XL
    but numbers would be a little more helpful for me. I have seen some patterns that have claimed to fit to an XL and that numbers would make it more like a 14/16.

    • For this pattern, think about if you would go to a main-stream department store, or a Target, and what size t-shirt you’d buy. With the jersey patterns, there’s so much room for stretch!

  5. PsychicKathleen

    I was just reading Gillian’s blog on her Jorna (have you seen it?) it’s gorgeous! I had to check out the pattern immediately but sadly you don’t have a print version 😦 I’m still in “resistant” mode with PDFs -if you ever decide to make it available in print please let me know! I love this pattern. It’s very flattering and versatile!

  6. ceci

    I’m looking for a copy of this pattern, ideas welcome.


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