Kids Clothes Week Wrap-Up

It’s been a while!  My family has been hustlin’ and bustlin’ across the Midwest almost every weekend.  Thankfully, Kids Clothes Week launched their summer session last week and I took the opportunity to plant myself back in front of my machine.

If you joined the KCW community, you can see my profile here!

My favorite project was this Jorna Jr. made from a stretch woven blue polka-dot knit.   You can buy your own Jorna Jr. pattern here!


I refashioned an old sweater dress I had into this little A-line Jorna Jr.:

kylie1 kylie2

This one now belongs to my niece.  And I also made her these shorts from the Parsley Pants pattern:


And I made my 3-week old nephew these baby knit pants.  They are only a fraction as cute as my actual nephew, but I think these will be super comfy.   I used this pattern.



Have you done any garment sewing recently?  Which are your favorite patterns?

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