Infinity Sweater

Karen from One Girl Circus has a great new pattern out called the Infinity Sweater.

I love the look of an Infinity Sweater in Jersey, which can be worn in countless ways, but for the cold end of fall, I longed for something super warm.


So I made a version of the Infinity out of flannel!  And not just any flannel! Made by Rae’s flannel Fanfare Foxes!

Sorry for the grainy photos here.  Terrible fall lighting + dead camera + blogging with kids = my excuses.


The first time I saw Rae’s little foxes, I just wanted to drape myself in them.  Screw kid’s clothes – it was time to ensconce myself in flannel.  I am a modern-day George Costanza.


George ensconced in velvet

But I didn’t stop at the foxes!  I made another version for a friend out of some really fun woven fabric.



Blankets as fashion – this is me:


nicole6These “tribal” sweaters (ugh – there’s a better word I’m sure, but that’s the one getting used) are so hot right now.  Check out this one from Anthropologie:

anthroAnd I made one more.  This one I made from just cheap JoAnns flannel, as it was my first experiment with a flannel Infinity.  A wearable muslin, if you want.

plaidSo cozy! I love it.  I love all three of them and they are WARM.  If you’re looking for a socially acceptable way to wear your slanket out in public this is it.

plaid3  A couple tips if you want to try this look yourself.

  • Get the pattern – it’s awesome and can be made as-is, or given slight alterations to take on INFINITE design ideas.
  • Go a size-up – the Infinity is designed for stretch fabric, and if your fabric doesn’t stretch you should account for that for a better fit.
  • Play with the front-flap lengths.  If you’re making this from a thin fabric (like most t-shirt jerseys) then you could keep them full-length so you can wear the cardigan in multiple ways (as a wrap! tied behind your back! over your neck!).  But if you’re making this from a thicker fabric and know you’ll ONLY wear it open, you may want to shorten the flaps.
  • For the foxes Infinity, I shortened the flaps so it’s all the same length around when worn, and I actually hand-tacked a fold to keep a certain look in place.  Let’s call the a couture hand-sewing element, rather than a weird cheat ; )



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2 responses to “Infinity Sweater

  1. They turned out so cute! I especially like the checked one, but then, that may be because I pretty much refuse to wear anything but black and grey….

  2. Thanks, Erin! I love black and grey, too. I’m trying to be more experimental with colors… as long as it matches basic blue jeans.

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