Make Do and Mend

IMG_2954It’s 22 degrees in the Ann Arbor area today.  My coat had a broken zipper and I was debating whether to attempt a fix or just buy a new jacket.  But it is warm and fits well, and it turns out JoAnn Fabrics had heavy duty zippers in 26″ lengths.

I had to pop-off the male snaps in order to fix the zipper.  I put buttons to cover the holes.  A bit of nonsensical aesthetics.

seedumA friend says the local cleaners would charge about $65 for a similar zipper replacement.

$6 zipper + 1.5 hours of my time (always an existential dilemma placing a worth on my time…) = maybe $24?  I am very happy to know how to manage these tasks.



Bonus if you made the jump.



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4 responses to “Make Do and Mend

  1. Nicole

    “They” say that you can spend up to 50% of the cost of a NEW item to make the repair worth while. Worth it in your case!

  2. My aunt taught me how to mend and patch. I am so glad that I have had that skill. I still patch jeans like she taught me by hand. She called it plain sewing.

  3. Kali

    That bonus though… Two thumbs up! 😀

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