Wedding Quilt – Part Four

I did it!  Oh, did you not think I could do it?  Well you must not have gotten the memo that I am awesome.

You can’t really tell much of a difference in this picture from my original picture of the quilt-top seen here.

I bordered each block about 1/5 of an inch out into the sashing.  Inside each block I followed a couple of seams, sewing in the ditch.

Here’s a look at the back!  The threads hadn’t been snipped yet; I had to hustle this baby out the door to give it to my friend who is doing the binding.

So we’ll have to take some quality pictures once this monster is completed.  It really is stupendous and I hope our friends treasure it.

I certainly treasured the experience.   I learned so much by making this quilt.  I’ll blog soon about all my new-found knowledge regarding machine quilt, but for now know this:   YOU CAN DO IT.

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