Inspiration – Julianne Moore

I cannot wait to show everyone my completely quilted wedding quilt, but it’s not completely quilted yet!  Fear not – loyal readers, it’s almost done and still going great.

I also cannot wait to post some cool tricks I remembered that could help you if you were interested in making a Quilt-as-you-go Orange Peel Quilt.  However, our scanner is dead and my stupid helpful little drawings are so necessary for anyone to understand what I’m saying.  So we wait for repairs!

Anyway, in the meantime – let’s take a gander at this dress Julianne Moore wore in this season’s finale episode of 30 Rock:

I know that’s not a high-quality image, but take a look at that dress.   Gold, beige, black, mauve, and a splash of teal.   I love it!  Geometric and random – anyone else feeling inspired here?  I wish I had a fabulous 18 year-old in my life who needed a twin bed spread for her dorm room.   I may just have to make a quilt like this anyway.  : )

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