Grace Quilt – Part One

So I want to make a quilt for my mother-in-law for her birthday.   She has a lot of fantastic art hanging around her home and I was especially inspired by this piece:

I’m going to make a napping quilt heavily inspired by this piece.  And here are my plans:

72″ x 63″ composed of 9″ blocks.   The blocks are going to be wonky nine-patches, but each one will be unique (not the same wonky style block repeated).    Should be fun!

I actually have another quilt almost finished that I haven’t posted about yet.    It’ll be done in the very near future, however, so just stay tuned!


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3 responses to “Grace Quilt – Part One

  1. Hi Jenna! I found your blog today and I just love it. I’m so impressed by the quilting of the monster quilt! My arms ache just thinking of it ….

    I bet this quilt will be awesome and I think you are probably the BEST daughter in law EVER!

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