Trudy’s Arse Kicking Quilt

Look at me, being a member of a community and what-not.  I’ve never participated in a bee or even a quilt-a-long, but when I read LuLuBloom’s post about her friend Errick, I really wanted to help.

She is making a quilt for an old high-school friend who is suffering from a colo-rectal cancerous tumor, which they named Trudy.

Lucia wants to make something to keep him snuggly and warm and hopefully in good spirits.   Lucia called out for cross-blocks in masculine blues and grays.  I made three and mailed them out to her this morning.

For the time being, Lucia thinks she has all the blocks she needs.  She’s going to give the people who have volunteered some time to get the blocks made and mailed to her.  If you feel like helping, keep track of her blog to see if she needs any more materials or blocks in the near future.

I think what she’s doing is really wonderful.  I can’t imagine going through such a difficult experience, but I hope receiving a heart-felt, home-made, beautiful gift will help.

You can read more about Errick’s experience at his blog, found here.

And you can see all the quilt blocks being made here!

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