“One Thing, One Week” Completed!

As I previously posted, I participated in Amy’s (from Amy’s Creative Side) One Thing, One Week challenge!

Even though I was out of town for two days, I was able to reach my goal, cutting out all of the pieces for this quilt.

And I also came up with a handy organizing technique.  Because a lot of my blocks are complicated little puzzles, each one being unique, I laid out each block on a page of an unused scrapbook I had lying around.  This way, I could easily just shut the book without the layout getting messed up, and without this project taking over my entire sewing room.   Pretty neat!


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3 responses to ““One Thing, One Week” Completed!

  1. Harleywife/ Mickey

    WOW !!! good job ! impressive organization .

  2. What a great idea for organizing your blocks! Thanks for sharing and congrats on completing your goal for the week!

  3. that’s a great idea! Congrats on reaching your goal 🙂

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