Storm at Sea Pillows

After the paper piecing disaster of 2010, I re-cooped and started from scratch on these pillows.  I bought new fabrics and worked with my husband developing patterns so that I could avoid any paper piecing assembly.  I am so happy to report that the pillows turned out REALLY nicely, if I do say so myself.  I love them and was very proud to gift them to my mother for Christmas.  They match her bedroom perfectly and I know she appreciates the gorgeous batik fabrics.

They are 20-inch pillows and there is a scant black border around the blocks on the front.  They are slip-cover, removable pillow covers with free-motioned squiggly quilting.

I wish I could offer a tutorial on these, but hell if I know how it all ended up coming together and I can guarantee you there are probably dozens of ways to assemble these that would be easier than what I ended up doing.  However, I can toss some links for other online tutorials for Storm and Sea blocks.

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  1. Jean Hipke

    I have wanted to try this pattern for about 2 years and Every time I look at it
    It scares me out. I LOVE what you said about trying a tutorial.😃

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