Christmas Stockings

Although Christmas has passed, I am still a little bit stuck in the season.   There are a couple of holidays crafts I want to finish-up so that I can enjoy them next year.  The most important thing to get done was to make a stocking for future baby boy, due March 31ish (or April Fool’s Day, perhaps?) 2011.  Who knows how much time I’ll have for sewing when I have two little boys in need of mothering!

This one below is mine.   With the boys’ stockings I did free-motion quilting (very broadly) in shiny ribbon threads, but for mine I did hand sewn detailing in gold thread around the stars and snow-flakes in the fabric pattern.  Lots of french knots, which are fun.  It was a little gift to myself to do this special detailing as, let’s be honest, I’m the only one who really cares about that sort of thing ; P

These stockings are not “perfect” – they have raw edges exposed on the inside from the two “quilt sandwiches” of front fabric, bating, and lining sewn together to assemble the sock.   The hanging loop is a little wonky, too.  However, they look pretty cute if I do say so myself.  The letters are each of our initials cut out of felt and hand appliqued.   I love hand-appliqueing felt (see my advent calendar’s numbers) because it doesn’t fray and looks nice and neat.

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