Valentine’s Day Pillows

My living room is a study in beige.  My carpet is beige, the couches are beige, the curtains are beige, and the walls are beige.  Also – our two main pieces of art are paper quilts made mostly out of neutrally neutral colors (more on those some other time).  I am sort of afraid of colors, I’ll admit it.   However, another piece of reasoning behind my ode-to-beige house was the hope that I would make fabulous quilts and pillow covers that would transform the house with every season/holiday.  So far that’s been a bit of a bust.

But not this Valentine’s Day!  I’m making pillow covers.   Here are my pieces of inspiration:


Yellow Love Pillow

Yellow Love Pillow by HoneyPieDesign. Available on Etsy for $38. Click image for link.

Love Amour Burlap Pillow

Love Amour Burlap Pillow by YellowBugBoutique. <br>Available on Etsy for $37. Click image for link.

Burlap Love Pillow Cover

Burlap Love Pillow Cover by Wrapitupllc. <br> Available for purchase on Etsy for $18. Click image for link.

I’m going to make two applique pillows inspired by the above, and then three pillows inspired by this beauty.

I joked with my husband that i should really be focusing on my Martin Luther King Day pillows.  Was I really kidding? Hmm….


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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Pillows

  1. Oh I love these! Pun not intended. I like that they’re not traditiona valentine colors.

  2. I love that, too! However, mine are going to be more traditional. That’s mostly because I have a too much red fabric hogging all the stash space!

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