I first heard the phrase “Franken-batting” a few days ago while reading the “Goddess in Progress” blog. Liz was zig-zag sewing tons of batting scraps together to make a batting big enough for her quilt.   This is something I do all the time, especially for small projects like quilted pillow covers.

Cara wrote a great point in the comments of that post mentioning that this isn’t the best method to use if you have a primarily white quilt-top.  Apparently in her experience, the zigzags would slightly show through the top.   I’ve never had that experience, but I’ve also never had a primarily white quilt-top!  Just thought I’d re-post that message in case anyone would benefit over here at howtobejenna.

Anyway, I’ve made the batting monsters for my Marca-Relli pillow covers, and for my Project Modern Challenge 2 red quilt.   I really hope I can finish my pillows this weekend, assemble my red quilt backing, and if I’m really being productive, maybe even baste it!   That’s a tall order considering I’m moving like molasses.   There’s so much to get done before baby #2 comes along, just some-odd 8 weeks away!  Yeep!

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