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This is the old post for back-to-front binding.  This tutorial has been updated and can be found HERE! 



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  1. Doris Preston

    When sewing the back to front binding, when you get near the corner fold the tip of the corner all the way until it touches the corner of the quilt top and then when you fold the edge of your binding onto the quilt top it makes a perfect miter. You may want to trim a little of the corner off where you folded it in.

  2. Diane Frith

    I am making a ribbon quilt and using back to front as a border. Can you tell me or have a video of what stitch to use. I would like it to look as neat in front as on the back. Having a hard figuring out what stitch to use. Thanks Diane D.onthego@zoominternet.net

    • Hey Diane! Use a straight stitch, but try using a walking foot to help manage the quilt as you sew through all these layers. After you fold the binding over to the front, pin it in place, and sew along the edge on the binding as close to the quilt top as possible – about an 1/8″ of an inch or less. Use a thread that matches your binding. Hope this helps!

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