HSTs for Henry

After seeing THESE THREE GORGEOUS quilts, I knew I wanted to make some HSTs for my baby-boy-to-be, Henry.

So I picked out some fabrics (the beige in the middle got kicked out and some others got added in):

Made a little coloring page:

I Used THIS TUTORIAL for curved edges and bias-tape binding and made this quilt:

And here’s the back:

With a love note from Mommy:

Cat kept the quilt warm while I made the binding:

Baby’s just 2 or 3 weeks away (here’s hoping)!


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4 responses to “HSTs for Henry

  1. I really love that elephant fabric in there…it gives it such a kick!

  2. Rossie

    you finished in time! it looks great. I love the round edges.

  3. Hi! Nice fabrics you used. And I like the corners, pretty nice!

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