Charlie Sheen Cross-Stitch

Remember Baby Irene’s Quilt? Here’s a picture of the little dear chilling out on her blanket:

And here she is (a bit older) wearing a unicorn costume I made her:

Anyway – it’s Baby Irene’s Dad’s Birthday soon, and we’re celebrating this weekend!  To top his gift off, I found these great cross-stitch patterns over at Subversive Cross-Stitch quoting the now infamous Charlie Sheen. Daddy Irene is obsessed with these quotes, and he is also obsessed with brains, so I whipped up this embroidery hoop for him to hang behind his glorious wooden bar in his den:

Wise words….. ; )


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2 responses to “Charlie Sheen Cross-Stitch

  1. That is hilarious! Seriously pee your pants kind of funny xox

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