HST Coloring Pages

Hello everybody!  I’m currently working on two HST (Half-Square Triangle) Quilts and am loving it!  They come together fast and there are so many possibilities for design.  Anyway, part of my planning has been to sketch-out my layouts and color them in.  I don’t follow my drawings completely during assembly, but it’s a nice test to see if my fabric color choices are going to jive and to give me an idea for how many pieces of each color fabric I’m going to need.

So if you’d like to use any of these coloring pages to plan your own HST quilts, feel free!  They’re not perfect, but if you want them, just click on any of the images below and you should be able to drag them onto your desktop or left-click “save as” them onto your computer.  Let me know if you have any problems!  If you post your colorings on your blog, please don’t crop-out the little “howtobejenna” tag I’ve included on the drawings.   Other than that, these are yours!  Thanks!

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