Party Time Quilt

Here’s a detailed look at another HST quilt I finished recently.

I was inspired by this quilt by Kaffe Fasset:

And I drew this:

And then I whipped it up!:

I call this quilt, “Party Time, Excellent!”  There are at least two blocks that are flipped the wrong way, I discovered while quilting.  If this quilt is a party, then these two blocks are your drunk friends who are apparently going to spend the night on your couch.

Detail on the quilting:

You can’t tell from this picture, and it’s not even that obvious in the actual quilt, but the bright red fabric is this really cute print from Eric Carle showing the Brown Bear animals. Many of the other fabrics are by Marcia Ders.

Here’s the back:

And some detail:

I’ve got this one packed and ready to go in my hospital bag for birth.  Should be sometime in the next two weeks (I hope!).


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2 responses to “Party Time Quilt

  1. I’ve looked and looked and I finally found one flipped block but can’t find the second. It gives that quilt some fun character and I love the drunken friend analogy. Good luck and I hope to see a sweet little baby soon 🙂

  2. Love your Party Time colours. One day I’d like to make something similar, maybe in batiks. Thanks for the inspiration.

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