Cog + Wheel Quilt – Part One

I have a 2.5-year-old boy named Lloyd and he is getting ready to move into his big boy bed!  Bye bye, crib!  Before we transition him, however, I want to make him his own quilt.  I know that if we move him and then try and introduce a new blanket a couple weeks later, he won’t have it.  Two-year-old’s can be stubborn, you know? : )

So he has these blue/navy/teal gear decals on his walls…

and then I saw this pattern…

image courtesy of

so I started thinking about using this colorway on the blocks (played around on photoshop)…

Then I decided to use a different background color than solid white.  That sounded like a silly idea for a non-potty-trained baby boy to have a pure white blanket.  And really any solid would show stains a lot easier than a textured fabric, so I bought a slightly textured steel gray/blue.

and now I’m sewing and making decent progress!  The pattern involved many templates and sewing lots of curves, but everything is coming together smoothly (so far!)  Sewing the curves isn’t a problem – it’s just the intense amount of pinning that’s a pain!  5 minutes of pinning some of these pieces together followed by 20 seconds of sewing… geeze!

Anyway, I hope to finish this ASAP so we can get him used to a twin bed before our vacation at the beginning of July.


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2 responses to “Cog + Wheel Quilt – Part One

  1. Such a great pattern – I can’t wait to see how your comes out!

  2. So have you transitioned to the new bed yet? Great colors for the quilt, by the way!

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