February Snow

I meant to post about these pillow forever ago, but this is actually more appropriate.  Our Michigan December was virtually snowless, but now in mid February I’d say we have a good three inches on the ground…

Anyway – I made these two sets of snowflake pillows as presents for Christmas.

One set for my mother – reverse appliqued duponi silk – like my table runner.

And another set for my gal pal.  These are laser-cut felt snowflakes (I bought) that I machine and hand- appliqued onto a cotton, snowfall-reminiscent dot fabric.

Let it snow!



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2 responses to “February Snow

  1. So pretty! I’ve never worked with silk dupioni – was it slippery?

  2. Yes, it was! For this design I used fusible interfacing on the back before cutting out the snowflake shape, so that stabilized everything. It would be tricky without the interfacing…

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