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r0ssie Hexagon Pillows

If you are a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, then you got some awesome email this week: a complete Improv Echoed Hexagons Quilt Pattern by Rossie Hutchinson!


Rossie is super awesome, and I don’t mean to sound braggy but she is truly one of my most beloved friends and I love her and she loves me.  Side bonus? I got to pattern test some hexagons!


I made two pillows.




Word on the street is that this pattern will be available to people everywhere sometime someday.  Keep an eye on Rossie’s site for the world-wide pattern release and general awesomeness.   She also Instagram’s here at r0ssie_fmq



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A2MQG Quilt Show and Sale!

The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is having a sale tomorrow (11/15/2012), and I thought I’d just load up some images of the smaller items I made…

Fabric covered notebooks.

River Song TARDIS Notebooks! Inspired by Doctor Who.

Holiday gift bags with felt accent.

More holiday gift bags with felt accent. Some bags are made from fleece, others jersey, and some are a lightweight corduroy.

iPad cases (and some Kindle Fire cases, too!)

Faux Fur Pillows! How fun would these be on your couch? So snugly for the winter.


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Panama Wave Pillows

My sister-in-law had a bunch of leftover fabric after re-upholstering some chairs, so she asked me to make some pillow covers!

I took this as the perfect opportunity to learn how to install invisible zippers.  I used this tutorial and it was totally painless!

The fabric is Panama Wave by Waverly.

Oldest son photobomb

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Kid’s Painting Pillows!

By the genius request of my sister-in-law, Lloyd and I got to work making her some pillow covers.  (An alternative for these pillows I made her a while back.)

Lloyd painted some fabric squares with fabric paint.

And I bordered them in a dark purple.

They turned out pretty cute!  (Sorry for the quick pic.  I didn’t get a chance to photograph them before they were gifted!)

I love this idea for a nursery, kids’ bedroom, or floor pillows in a play room!  But of course – they work great for a loving Aunt’s couch, too : )

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February Snow

I meant to post about these pillow forever ago, but this is actually more appropriate.  Our Michigan December was virtually snowless, but now in mid February I’d say we have a good three inches on the ground…

Anyway – I made these two sets of snowflake pillows as presents for Christmas.

One set for my mother – reverse appliqued duponi silk – like my table runner.

And another set for my gal pal.  These are laser-cut felt snowflakes (I bought) that I machine and hand- appliqued onto a cotton, snowfall-reminiscent dot fabric.

Let it snow!



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More Pillow Love

I took a little bit of initiative and sewed some more Valentines pillow to sell on etsy.

This one sold in a jiffy!

And inspired someone to ask for a custom order!  So I made her this “love you more MORE” pillow by request.  Sounds like someone has a hot feud going on in their home!  ;  )


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Valentine’s Day Pillows

Yes, I made some Valentine’s Day Pillow covers last year… but I hate those now and they are dead to me. Time for some new ones!

Aren’t they cute? Felts letters appliqued onto a very lightweight denim. Inspired by this wood carving.


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Swoon Pillows in Green!

As I mentioned before, a lot of what’s been going on around here is top secret Santa work, but I did manage to make time to create these two Swoon pillows in shades of green.

Not my most precise work… lots of the points are a little murky.  But I really love the colors! I like using apple green in Christmas decor.  It looks great with both evergreen and all shades of red and maroon. Now if only I could set aside enough time to make my swoon quilt to really set off the living room.  Oh well!


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Reindeer Pillows

The blog might get a little dead for a couple of weeks here at howtobejenna.  Too many of my upcoming projects are Christmas gifts!

I did make these pillows (there are two of them) recently for a housewarming present and they have already been gifted. All you can see is the pillow case, resting on a green pillow, because the gift recipient has already received pillow forms from me in a past present.

It’s a reverse-applique embracing frayed edges for texture.  I’m VERY inspired by the work of THIS ARTIST.  So cool – definitely a technique I’ll be working on.

I should have snipped some of the unruly threads before I took this picture, but… you know….

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I am pretty much obsessed with the thimble blossoms SWOON pattern.  I got mine from pink castle fabrics.

I have three Swoon-rific swoony projects in the works:

A pillow for my friend’s baby bedroom.  Two pillows for ME and another quilt for ME.  I have all my fabrics (I think!) and have already cranked out one pillow:

I had to use my skull-meat to covert the block-size, as this is a pillow-cover going over a pre-existing pillow form.  But I did it!

This will go in little Irene’s bedroom.  You may know Irene as Princess Leia or a Unicorn or the girl who got this awesome quilt.

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