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Woodlands in Winter Quilt and Tutorial

Here is a quilt I made for my mother for Christmas!  I call it Woodlands in Winter.  They live in the forest and run the Woodlands Sawmill.


Improv trees on a sea of mixed neutrals.  I was inspired by Lovely Design’s Lovely Little Forest quilt from the Purl Bee.


Walking foot quilting in flowing lines, inspired by Debbie’s Joy of Simplicity pillow seen here.

tree-3 I bought a white-on-white bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics and used a lot of Kona Bone for the background.   It measures something like 80″ x 75″.

fell-downOne tree fell down.  Time to harvest its lumber!

Read on for a tutorial on how to make these wonky trees and plan for the final layout…

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Reindeer Fabric Palooza

One night last spring I was drunk and bought 4 yards of holiday Fair Isle printed jersey fabric.


The first time I’ve ever gotten a rib-knit neck right on the first try!

That’s a lot of fabric for not having any projects in mind.


Drafted a t-shirt pattern for my husband!
Jorna tank for me.

I decided to spread it as far as I could into as many holiday outfits as possible for several of my favorite people:


flashback tees for my boys.


My niece and nephew!


Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 8.30.23 AM


Jorna Junior!



Jorna Juniors!


Fancy Pants Leggings by Titchy Threads

  henry  DSC_0016


happy holidays.


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Happy 2013!

It’s been an amazing year for me, quilting wise.  I definitely learned a couple of new tricks and improved my skills.  I also pushed myself and created my first ever quilting pattern and hosted my first quilt-along.  No regrets!

In 2013 I hope to finish my swoon blanket and a Granny Squares quilt – both which would be for ME to enjoy in MY home.   I will be honored sending two of my quilts off to QuiltCon and to hopefully receive some nice feedback.  I also am looking forward to doing a couple of commission quilts, and am looking forward to maybe cooking up some other special occasion presents as we watch how the year unfolds.

I would also like to try and get more into garment sewing.  I would certainly love to have some custom-fit items in my closet : )

Happy New Year, everybody!


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Here’s a little round-up of the ornaments I’ve made this year that you can easily make, too!  It’s not too late!

One of my new favorite things is to hand-screw little eyelet screws into toys to turn them into whimsical ornaments.  This idea started with our desire to get a bunch of caveman ornaments to represent our youngest son on the tree.  (Our oldest son was nicknamed “baby Acorn” in utero, and there are TONS of acorn ornaments to be found! At least there were until we bought them all in 2008.  Youngest son didn’t get nicknamed until he was a toddler when he became the Caveman.  Not so many of these ornaments on sale, so time to make our own!).


You can do this with most plastic or wooden ornaments without any power tools.



I use a stabby shank tool and first perform an icepick lobotomy on the toy.


Hand-screw until you can’t screw anymore, and then bring out the pliers.


These bros stick together. And congrats! You found the pickle.


More cavemen ornaments. These were awkwardly flesh colored, so hubs spray-painted them gold first.


Happy caveman eyes Baby Acorn.


On of my other favorite ways to make ornaments is to buy pre-cut wood shapes from a hobby store (like JoAnn’s or Michael’s) and to decoupage!  A couple of years ago I did this with artsy papers.  This year I did it with some pictures!  I find the best way is to adhere the paper (print images on computer paper rather than photo paper) with a glue-stick onto the pre-painted wood surface.  Than go over the paper with a Glue/Sealant (Martha Stewart makes a nice one).


Drill a hole into the shape, string a string, you’ve got yourself an ornament.

I took this process in a different direction with my 4-year-old.  He painted the shapes and then glittered the hell out of them.  Later I went over them with the sealant to lock in the glitter a bit.



An easy gift addition for grandparents and teachers!

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Quickish Tree Skirts

At our house we have two six-foot tall fake Christmas trees jammed into corners.  It’s a tight fit and I haven’t found tree-skirts in stores that I like that will also work with our size restrictions.  It was finally time to kick it into gear and crank some out.

However, with all of the other holiday festivities and sewing projects going on, I didn’t have infinite time – so I took one big short cut:  I bought pre-quilted fabric from JoAnn’s.  GASP. SHAME.  But it fits the look I was going for (Country Cottage Christmas) and with a coupon it was super cheap.


I cut a 40″ in diameter circle out of the pre-quilted fabric. I folded it into quarters for ease of getting the shape. Then I cut out a 4″ in diameter circle out of the center. Then a slit.


Around the circumference, I pleated some linen-like fabric. First I pinned the pleats into place and then I did a stay-stitch. Over that layer I pleated some transparent holiday glitter fabric. For this fabric, I folded over the raw-edge as I pinned the pleats into place.

I didn’t finish the quilted fabric’s circumference edge because I was covering it up with the other fabrics.  However, if you felt like you were going to be washing your tree skirt a lot, how about zig-zag stitching that edge to keep everything tidy?


I used the selvedge-edge of the homespun cotton (looks like linen) so it has that cute fray.


I bound the raw-edges of the slit and the center circle with twill-tape binding and attached some ribbons to secure the skirt once it was around the tree-base.


Pretty! And hello University of Michigan Stadium Ornament.


For my other tree-skirt I simply stay-stitched some lace around the circumference, and then I sewed some brown leather-like Ric-rak over the edge of the lace.


For the exposed edges along the slit and the inner circle, I sewed on some green binding. I also attached some ribbons so I could tie the tree skirt together once it was around the tree-base.


Looks nice! Cat photo-bomb


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A2MQG Quilt Show and Sale!

The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is having a sale tomorrow (11/15/2012), and I thought I’d just load up some images of the smaller items I made…

Fabric covered notebooks.

River Song TARDIS Notebooks! Inspired by Doctor Who.

Holiday gift bags with felt accent.

More holiday gift bags with felt accent. Some bags are made from fleece, others jersey, and some are a lightweight corduroy.

iPad cases (and some Kindle Fire cases, too!)

Faux Fur Pillows! How fun would these be on your couch? So snugly for the winter.


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A Halloween Recap…

Even though I didn’t add to the Costume Party this year, I still made many costumes…

Oldest son went as a Cheetah…

And I was a “Safari Guy” on the lookout for Cheetahs…

Hubby was a hunky Paul Bunyan. (He pulled this together all by his self)… With Son #2 being “Babe the Blue Ox” !  How cute is this?

Made this for my niece Kylie!

It’s “Boo” from “Monster’s Inc”…

And for my friend Irene… a chicken costume!

Bok bok!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are happily looking forward to  joyous Thanksgiving!

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Ellison Lane Quilts Summer Sewing Contest Entry

Once I read about Ellison Lane Quilt’s Summer Sewing Contest, I knew it was time to take my stack of Denyse Schmidt fabrics (and some coordinating strays from the stash) and finally make this blanket:

Reds, Whites, Blues, and Greys make for a muted patriotic palate.  And I’m always extra-patriotic right around the fourth of July, aren’t you?

Wonky, scribbled stars for the quilting add a little spangly goodness.

I’ve been wanting to do an HSTs on point quilt for a while.

Measures just about 50″ by 50″ – nice for a baby blanket or a lap throw.

Available to purchase from my Etsy shop!


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Presidents’ Day

Sew Liberated’s Sweet Pea Pilot Cap + Hand Sewn Felt Tubes = Adorable Hilarity.

We have fun.


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Valentine’s Day…

Are you getting excited for Valentine’s Day?  I have to admit – it’s nice to have pretty pink pillows around and get the boys excited for a day dedicated to kissy kissy hug hugs.

We’ll be giving the kids treats and toys tomorrow – some of the treats hiding in these felt envelopes I made (inspired by these)…

We also mailed some to the lovely ladies in our lives (niece and quasi-nieces)…

We also made some crayons to give to our friends…

small crayon pieces bakes at 230 degrees F for 15 minutes in a candy-form

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