Quickish Tree Skirts

At our house we have two six-foot tall fake Christmas trees jammed into corners.  It’s a tight fit and I haven’t found tree-skirts in stores that I like that will also work with our size restrictions.  It was finally time to kick it into gear and crank some out.

However, with all of the other holiday festivities and sewing projects going on, I didn’t have infinite time – so I took one big short cut:  I bought pre-quilted fabric from JoAnn’s.  GASP. SHAME.  But it fits the look I was going for (Country Cottage Christmas) and with a coupon it was super cheap.


I cut a 40″ in diameter circle out of the pre-quilted fabric. I folded it into quarters for ease of getting the shape. Then I cut out a 4″ in diameter circle out of the center. Then a slit.


Around the circumference, I pleated some linen-like fabric. First I pinned the pleats into place and then I did a stay-stitch. Over that layer I pleated some transparent holiday glitter fabric. For this fabric, I folded over the raw-edge as I pinned the pleats into place.

I didn’t finish the quilted fabric’s circumference edge because I was covering it up with the other fabrics.  However, if you felt like you were going to be washing your tree skirt a lot, how about zig-zag stitching that edge to keep everything tidy?


I used the selvedge-edge of the homespun cotton (looks like linen) so it has that cute fray.


I bound the raw-edges of the slit and the center circle with twill-tape binding and attached some ribbons to secure the skirt once it was around the tree-base.


Pretty! And hello University of Michigan Stadium Ornament.


For my other tree-skirt I simply stay-stitched some lace around the circumference, and then I sewed some brown leather-like Ric-rak over the edge of the lace.


For the exposed edges along the slit and the inner circle, I sewed on some green binding. I also attached some ribbons so I could tie the tree skirt together once it was around the tree-base.


Looks nice! Cat photo-bomb


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