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More Pillow Love

I took a little bit of initiative and sewed some more Valentines pillow to sell on etsy.

This one sold in a jiffy!

And inspired someone to ask for a custom order!  So I made her this “love you more MORE” pillow by request.  Sounds like someone has a hot feud going on in their home!  ;  )


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Valentine’s Day Pillows

Yes, I made some Valentine’s Day Pillow covers last year… but I hate those now and they are dead to me. Time for some new ones!

Aren’t they cute? Felts letters appliqued onto a very lightweight denim. Inspired by this wood carving.


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Reverse Appliqued Snowflake Table Runner

Here is a reverse-appliqued table runner I made for my house for the winter.

Shown here on a bench because my table is a disaster.

To make this start with a piece of your main fabric (mine was a duponi silk in grey/silver).  Back it with Wonder-Under (a double-sided fusible interfacing that is paper-backed so you can fuse one side at a time).  On the Wonder-Under, draw your snowflake shapes and then cut them out with sharp scissors.

Remove the paper backing.  Carefully place the main fabric on top of your accent fabric (both fabrics have right-side-up.  You are fusing the right side of the accent fabric to the back side of the main fabric).  Iron to fuse.

Next I sewed a backing fabric on to the runner.  I placed my backing fabric on top of the runner, right-sides of my backing fabric touching right-sides of the main fabric.  I sewed all the way around, leaving a gap to turn the runner right-side out.  I did not include batting, but you could if you wanted a thicker runner.

Once it was right-side out, I did a quilted stippling design.

Yay!  I have to say I really love this one.

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“Quilted” Ornaments

I have an addiction.  I can barely stop myself from quitting everything else and just dedicating myself 100% to making these “quilted” ornaments all day long, every day.

Here’s the tutorial.

These are no-sew and SO FUN.  These are my hexies (in that they are addictive hand-work projects that you take everywhere you go).

The "right" side and the "wrong" side of a piece of duponi silk. Some of the ornaments I embellished with the furry selvage edge of the fabric...

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Swoon Pillows in Green!

As I mentioned before, a lot of what’s been going on around here is top secret Santa work, but I did manage to make time to create these two Swoon pillows in shades of green.

Not my most precise work… lots of the points are a little murky.  But I really love the colors! I like using apple green in Christmas decor.  It looks great with both evergreen and all shades of red and maroon. Now if only I could set aside enough time to make my swoon quilt to really set off the living room.  Oh well!


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Reindeer Pillows

The blog might get a little dead for a couple of weeks here at howtobejenna.  Too many of my upcoming projects are Christmas gifts!

I did make these pillows (there are two of them) recently for a housewarming present and they have already been gifted. All you can see is the pillow case, resting on a green pillow, because the gift recipient has already received pillow forms from me in a past present.

It’s a reverse-applique embracing frayed edges for texture.  I’m VERY inspired by the work of THIS ARTIST.  So cool – definitely a technique I’ll be working on.

I should have snipped some of the unruly threads before I took this picture, but… you know….

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Halloween Quilt – Right on time!

Woops!  This quilt would have ideally been finished a month ago.  Whatever, I have all of my future Halloween seasons to enjoy this blanket.

The tree is needle-turn appliqued onto a strip-pieced quilt.

I made a variety of… challenging choices when it came to this project.  For one, this was a LOT of needle-turning, but I needed the practice.

For another, I chose to do a sort of scribbly pebble quilting which I have never tried before.  Something about quilting circles really stuck on me.  I think I was thinking about cauldron bubbles…

Anyway the quilting wasn’t perfect and of course it was much more time and thread-consuming than a simple stiple.  However, after this quilt came out of the wash I was immediately elated with my efforts.

Ok so making the tree piece was a little tricky.  I found a clip-art image of a spooky tree I liked, made a couple of alterations using photo-shopping software, and printed it out as large as I could.  Then I drew a one inch grid on top of the image.  I wanted my tree to be pretty big so I made a ratio of 1:5 and made each one inch square on my grid equal a 5 inch square on my gigantic pattern paper made out of taped together grocery bags.  I think originally I had planned on doing a 1:6inch ratio (hence the numbers on my grid sheet below), but ended up thinking that’d be too big…

Can’t wait to pull this out next year and every year after!

Side note: Just a minute before I took this quilt outside to photograph I realized that I had turned the oven on to cook dinner, but had forgotten to empty the oven of all of the messy kitchen appliances I hid inside in a desperate quick-cleaning attempt.   So I melted my rice-cooker steamer basket.  C’est la vie when you’re Jenna.


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Costume Party is Over

Time to kick everyone out gracefully, sweep up the cupcake crumbs, collect the empties and pour myself a glass of wine.  The costume party is over and Halloween is behind us once again.

A link to all of the tutorials can be found by clicking on the COSTUME PARTY tab located near the top of this page, right there next to ABOUT.

Thanks for following along!  I’ll bring this up again next year, if I’m still at this, and maybe I’ll even have some more ideas!  xoxo


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Dinosaur Hoodie Costume

Here is our most complicated costume yet!  It’s not too difficult to construct (the tail can be a little tricky), but there are quite a few components…

We’ll start with a hooded sweatshirt and add to those:

  • Eyes
  • Tail
  • Teeth
  • Tummy Detail
  • Stripes

and also….

  • Mittens with claws
  • Spats with claws

Read on for tips and instructions!

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Goldfish Costume

Okay today we’re tackling a more complicated costume.  A goldfish!

These are the components you can add to a hooded sweatshirt to make the costume:

  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Tulle Fin
  • Scales

Read on for instructions on how to make each component:

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