Pa’s Quilt

My husband’s grandfather (“Pa”) is an incredibly important part of our lives.  For Greg he’s been an essentially constant presence in his life, living always just a minute or so away.   For me, he’s filled a hole that I’ve had in my life never having gotten a chance to know my grandparents.   When Greg and I bought our house, we were ecstatic to live just a couple of blocks away from Pa.

So needless to say we had to celebrate Pa’s 90th birthday in a big way.  90 years!  Greg and I spent a lot of time thinking about all of the things Pa has seen during his years.   Eventually I came up with the idea of making a simple patchwork quilt where each block would represent a year, and that I’d embroider a patch to mark each birth, job-change, and wedding that was a part of Pa’s life.

Pa waving to his fans. Quilt on display at his party.

Picture of Pa with his twin to the left.

Every block represents a year...

This is a very traditional blanket, backed with flannel, quilted in the ditch.  I hope it keeps Pa warm in his chair for many more years!

Just a sample of all the people who came to his party!


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  1. What a fantastic idea!

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