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Pa’s Quilt

My husband’s grandfather (“Pa”) is an incredibly important part of our lives.  For Greg he’s been an essentially constant presence in his life, living always just a minute or so away.   For me, he’s filled a hole that I’ve had in my life never having gotten a chance to know my grandparents.   When Greg and I bought our house, we were ecstatic to live just a couple of blocks away from Pa.

So needless to say we had to celebrate Pa’s 90th birthday in a big way.  90 years!  Greg and I spent a lot of time thinking about all of the things Pa has seen during his years.   Eventually I came up with the idea of making a simple patchwork quilt where each block would represent a year, and that I’d embroider a patch to mark each birth, job-change, and wedding that was a part of Pa’s life.

Pa waving to his fans. Quilt on display at his party.

Picture of Pa with his twin to the left.

Every block represents a year...

This is a very traditional blanket, backed with flannel, quilted in the ditch.  I hope it keeps Pa warm in his chair for many more years!

Just a sample of all the people who came to his party!


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Embracing Imperfection

I’m working on a very non-modern quilt for my husband’s grandfather, Pa.  He turns 90 at the end of February and is such an inspiration.  He still lives in his own house, drives his car, and cooks his meals.  He is also the sweetest man, who just loves family and especially babies.

So for this very special birthday I am making him a very special patchwork quilt which will represent each year of his life, and am embroidering squares commemorating major events.  I’ll then applique the squares on to the blanket.  I could have embroidered the quilt-top directly, but I like the idea of having these blocks pop-out with the ivory squares.

Anyway, at first I was frustrated with the imperfect nature of my embroidery skills, but then I remembered that I’m doing this by hand rather than machine because I am crazy because I want this blanket to look hand-made.  Sure I could use the embroidery function on my sewing machine, but then it’d look like a computer made this blanket.  And since I hope this will become an heirloom, I want whoever touches this quilt to know it was made with lots and lots of love.  Because it is.


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Happy Wife, Happy Life

My friend Marti is making an awesome, colorful, fun quilt and asked me to sew her a little embroidery pattern to fill in a square.  My pleasure!

Here’s what I came up with:

sorry for the crappy picture!

The dots are all french knots.  Super fun! I was glad I took the time to pre-thread a bunch of  needles before sitting down and getting started.

I’ll be sure to post how the whole quilt comes out once it’s all put together.  I’m anxious to see, myself!


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