T-Shirt Quilt

My husband’s aunt recently asked me if I would make her daughter a t-shirt quilt.  The daughter is graduating from high school and a blanket made out of her teenage memories seemed like a lovely gift to take to college!

I’ve never made a t-shirt quilt before.  Most of the ones I saw online were made in a patchwork style, some sashed and some not.  Once I saw the box of t-shirts, I decided I could create a layout featuring color-blocking that I hoped would create some modern visual interest.   I grouped the shirts by White, Black, Red, Light Blue, and Dark Blue.  I only added interfacing to the extremely thin shirts.  Other than that, I just pieced with a stretch needle and my walking foot.

I did a stippled quilting design – my first big experiment with my BSR free-motion stitch regulator!  It beeped at me 100000 times, but I have to admit – the stitches are regulated.

Sorry for the lack-luster pictures.  My camera was dead and I had to get this baby in the mail in a hurry, so the iPad had to suffice.


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4 responses to “T-Shirt Quilt

  1. Love the colorblocking! It turned out so well!

  2. Jodieth

    I think your quilt turned out lovely. I love the idea of the modern look. You did a great job!

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