Lace Sided Shorts Tutorial

This is a simple refashion you can do to any pair of shorts or pants you’d like to make a little flirty.

Sorry – can’t find the original source for these…

I saw these shorts and liked the idea, but for my personal preference, I didn’t want the lace to be in such a stark contrast to the jeans.

This lace was about 3 inches wide and was found at JoAnn Fabrics. It was originally white, but I died it to this smokey blue.

I cut out a triangular shape and sewed it to the side of my jean cut-offs (centered on the side seam). I used a tight stitch, since I expect the lace will fray a bit with repeated washing.

Once I sewed the lace in place, I cut out the jean fabric from inside the triangle. It’s a flirty little peek-a-boo!


And here’s me sneezing during the photography session : )




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