Car Quilts

Social media, doing its thing.  My friend Abbey pinned this quilt, also found HERE, and bing bang boom, I was commissioned to make a pair of blankets for her two adorable boys.

I used primarily Riley Blake fabrics.  I was so happy to find the Peak Hour fabric line, as it saved me from having to come up with car appliques on my own.  Instead, I used my method of sewing the outline of the car to a piece of muslin, right sides together.  Then you cut a slit in the muslin, turn the car right-side out, and then trim the muslin to just a quarter-inch seam allowance.   Then you can applique the car onto the quilt-top!  First I did hand-stitching, but then I top-stitched the cars on by machine for added security.   When I was quilting the blanket, I added some quilting to the window of the car for even additional security.

I did double binding.  I love the framing effect, and it’s a nice way to make machine-stitching the binding look attractive.

Abbey’s family just moved back into their home after a year away.  Their house had extensive, heart-breaking damage due to a terrible flood (like – seven feet of standing water kinda terrible), but her husband and their family and friends resurrected their place and things are looking bright!  Hope these quilts bring smiles to a family that has endured a lot, and deserves a break!


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6 responses to “Car Quilts

  1. Jordan

    Do you have your dimensions or pattern you used?! I would love to make this for my first nephew!!

  2. Jean mcglone

    Is the road appliqued on the quilt, or pieced?

  3. Mary Beth

    Are the Road strips continuous across multiple squares or does it end on each square?

  4. Lourdes

    How did you do the windows in the car?

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