Positive Space QAL – Cutting fabrics

And we’re off!   If you’re ready, let’s get to cutting our fabrics.  The pattern gives cutting instructions based primarily on conserving yardage.  Following the instructions in the pattern will result in all of the cut pieces you’ll need for making the quilt.

If you’re willing to buy a bit extra of your background fabric, I’ll use this QAL to explain another option.  You can choose to trim your fabrics later and do more of a strip piecing technique for making the Court House Steps blocks similar to THIS TUTORIAL.

If you’d rather do this strip piecing technique for the Court House Blocks, you’ll need to get this amount of your background fabric (rather than the amount listed in the pattern):

  • THROW: 2 and 1/2 yards
  • TWIN: 4 yards
  • FULL: 5 and 1/4 yards
  • QUEEN: 5 and 3/4 yards
  • KING: 6 and 3/4 yards

To prepare for the strip piecing method – INSTEAD of cutting your B and C pieces as explained in the pattern, cut out the following 2″ x WIDTH OF FABRIC Strips:

  • THROW: 20 2″ strips
  • TWIN: 32 2″ strips
  • FULL: 42 2″ strips
  • QUEEN: 48 2″ strips
  • KING: 66 2″ strips

For the QUEEN SIZED PATTERN – I noticed one whoopy thing.  For the “I” pieces, cut one unit 8” x 3” with the 8” side on the fold.  Directly above that, cut another 8” x 6” piece, resulting in three 8” x 6” pieces total.

Okay so there ya go – happy cutting!  I’d love to see photos of fabric stacks, and any other progress you make.  I hope you find this Quilt Along helpful for sorting through any questions, or as a nice, welcoming place to berate me for any confusion resulting from the pattern.

All the best!

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