Positive Space QAL – Court House Steps Blocks

The pattern shows detailed instructions on how to make these Court House Step blocks, but I’m going to show all you QAL-ers another way with strip-piecing!

Place a 2″ x Width Of (Background) Fabric strip on your sewing machine right-side up. Place one of your 5″ squares right-side down on the strip and sew them together. Once you’ve sewn the square down, simply keep sewing down the strip and place another square down. You should be able to fit 8 of your squares on each 2″ strip. Keep going until you’ve sewn down all of your 5″ squares.

Then you simply do the opposite side of the square using the same method. Always remember to keep your fabrics right-sides together! This can be especially tricky with solid fabrics. Make a choice for which side is the right side and stick to it!

Once you’ve sewn two sides of each square, slice them apart with your rotary cutter, keeping the ends flush with the square.

Press your squares.**

Then use the same method to sew the other two sides of the square unit!

Slice and press and you’ve got your Court House Steps!

Slicey Slice

**I like to press the short sides towards the square and the long sides away from the square.

Isn’t this great? It’s a very fast process using this strip piecing method. Chain-piecing and strip-piecing are your friends!

All the best!

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