Positive Space QAL – Making Columns As

The pattern will walk you through this process, but here are some pictures and tips to help you as you finish up your Column As.

Read on!

We have already made our Court House Steps Blocks, but we need to get those “Horizontal Bars.”   So first we’re going to make large rectangles of fabric made from three strips:

3.5″ plus fabric + 2″ background strip + 3.5″ plus fabric

Depending on what size quilt you’re making, you’ll make a couple of these rectangles, according to the measurements in the pattern, and then slice them up into the necessary amount of horizontal bars.

For all of the quilt sizes, you sew together pieces D and E.

Open up the sewn-together pieces. You’ll sew your other Plus Fabric strip to the Background Fabric strip (so the colors alternate).

Right sides together! Whhrrrrrrrrrrrr

Slicey Slice

Many little strips from just a couple big pieces! Convenience!

Attach a Horizontal Bar Unit to the bottom of EACH of your court house Step Blocks.

If you’re making a Throw Size blanket and want to use the Dusty Charm Pack, refer to the pattern for the proper order of blocks when assembling your Column As.  This will ensure you get that lovely gradient rainbow effect (like in this quilt).

    • Throw Size: 5 Columns As with 6 Squares each.
    • Twin Size: 6 Columns As with 8 Squares each.
    • Full Size: 8 Columns As with 8 Squares each.
    • Queen Size: 8 Columns As with 9 Squares each.
    • King Size: 10 Columns As with 10 Squares each.

At the bottom of each column, attach a 8″ x 3.5″ piece to the last Horizontal Bar.

Attach a Horizontal Bar to the bottom of your remaining 8″ x 3.5″ pieces. These units go on the top of each column – with the Horizontal Bar touching the top Court House Step Block.

There! Column As are done! This is a HUGE step! Congratulations and all the best. Please post pictures to the flickr group – or link to your blog in the comments – so I can OOO and AHHH over your beautiful projects!

All the best.

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