To Boston With Love

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild had the wonderful idea on how to bring some joy to the community of Boston.  They asked quilters and sewing-enthusiasts to piece little flag pennants and have organized for them all to be on display in Boston soon!  It’ll hopefully bring a bit of cheer and I can’t wait to see pictures of everyone’s flags decorating the city.

The organizers have already received over 600 flags (!!!!)  which will be on display at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston from May 25th through July 7th.

So here are the flags I made!  Two simple plus blocks that were from a WIP I’ve got cooking: IMG_1075



You can see more flags here!



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3 responses to “To Boston With Love

  1. Thanks for adding your lovely flags to the effort! I’m the president of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and it has been incredible seeing the support this project has received from around the globe. I’m quite certain the total number of flags will exceed 1500!

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