Lillestoff Jorna!

Have I really never blogged about this masterpiece?!


My friend Rae just posted this great blog about her favorite knit fabrics.   Since I am SO LUCKY and get to sew with her at Sew Ann Arbor meet-ups, she has seen me use some Lillestoff… specifically, this amazing if not pretty racist “Indian” fabric.


Of course I made a Jorna in tank length.


Was it ever warm outside?  Were there ever flowers?  What does grass smell like?


You can see lots of amazing different Lillestoff fabrics here, and you can even own your own racist Indian fabric by buying here.


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5 responses to “Lillestoff Jorna!

  1. Rossie

    I think you might be a little too glib about the serious whackness of this fabric. I forgive you because of the photographic evidence that summer exists.

  2. I wonder if stereotype is a better word than racist? Or does it suggest racism to own it?

    • For me, the fabric is problematic showing some over simplified charactertures of an entire race of people. I own it and wear it, but I’m aware of it’s whackness, so I’m in some weird hipster place of wearing something I know is whack.

  3. I agree it’s problematic…. based on age old stereotypes… when I was a child this would have been ‘normal’ along with the cowboys and indians prints….

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