Catnap Dress Contest


Lizzy House had the best idea ever to hold a dress contest for her fabric line Catnap.  Participants chose to either make an adult dress or one for little girlies.  I opted to sew myself a full skirt sleeveless dress, perfect for wearing to cat tea parties:


The pattern is Simplicity 1873 by Cynthia Rowley, Style B.  I had to merge two sizes in order to get the perfect fit and I added an inch to the bodice length.

dress-3Nope, these aren’t my kids.  I went to a girls-only party at EmmmyLizzy’s so I could hang with these darling ladies in their Catnap dresses!


More pictures and one tip for sewing pleats after the jump!



The pleated skirt is divine, and although the instructions are pretty clear I wanted to just share my trick.  Write at the very top of your skirt fabric some clues! The seam allowance is 5/8″ so you have plenty of room to mark where your pleat should start and a directional arrow.  The X marks where the fold should land.


Bonus photo for sticking to the end!  Yup, flask. ; )



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11 responses to “Catnap Dress Contest

  1. Oh gosh you last picture!! I loooooove it!
    Love the dress!

  2. BHAHAHAHAHA…omg you are too cute.

  3. rachael {imagine gnats}

    love it!!!

  4. Beth Essington

    Too too cute!

  5. Frederica Leonarda Snel

    Thanks for the photo of the pleatsI have been struggling. love the orange tights.

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